The Difference Between Human Management And Human Resource Management

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In the past, Personnel management is more popular than the human resource management. Most of the companies will use the personnel management in their organization rather than the human resource management. In fact, some of the people will say that there are no fundamental contrasts between the personnel management and human resource management. These specialists say that the two terms which are human resource management and personnel management have no distinction in their importance and can be utilized conversely. After I have done my research, I realise that there are some difference between personnel management and human resource management.
Personnel management is more on managerial in the nature. In personnel management, it normally due to manage the workers, their payroll and the employment law. But on the other side, human resources management is a management which manages the management of the work force and contributes to an organization’s to
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It is a significant part of management which concerned on employees at work and with their relationship within the organization. Personnel management is a management of provide the needed to the organisation and manage the general employee employer relationship. Beside this, personnel management also called as traditional management. This type of management engages in planning to make sure of their organization current labour and the needed of the future labour. They recruit the people with knowledge, abilities and skills which their organization needs it. Personnel management also help develop their employee through the training program and the employee appraisal. This work is to ensure that there are a healthy and safe working place for their employees. Beside this, personnel management also will helps on developing a compensation system and the policies that make sure their organization complies with the
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