The Difference Between Leadership And Management

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As a new supervisor in my new government agency Parks and Recreation I been assigned with twenty employees working for me. With this position as a supervisor I will plan, direct, organize and develop programs, services, and facilities in alignment with the long term vision of the department 's principal plan. My short term goal is to train, supervise, evaluate, and disciplines my twenty employees since coming into this job. My long term goal is to analyze complex administrative problems and develop appropriate solutions. I’ve been notified that in this agency morale is low in productively is not what should be, and there are questionable decisions being made by employees that affect the work product. In the down fall the
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For example, my two leader’s employees who are regarded as peer group leaders and both consider to be peer group leaders I will empowered them to have the authority to directly influence work procedures and organizational performance, such as through quality circles or self-directed work teams. In the other hand with my only clerk who does payroll and handles all the forms I would notify her that she is doing a great job managing her workload. Since the pay is fairly good and she has been working as a clerk over 5 years and she is properly trained I will reward her by increasing her paycheck. Especially since she is doing a great job managing and being a good authority leader by training the five employees who are good workers, but do not like to perform certain task that are required of them. Goals
My short term goal is by giving meaning to work through engagement daily and motivation. This leads to an emotional and mental state in which my employees will enjoy their work, contribute enthusiastically to meeting goals, and feel a sense of belonging and commitment to the organization. Motivation is an internal state that arouses learners, steers them in particular directions, and keeps them engaged in certain activities (Omrod 2008).
My long term goal is to shape my employees to the best they can be. The employees will be evaluated daily by demonstrating strong skills in the areas of leadership,
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