The Difference Between Narrative And Story

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In Media Studies, it is significant to state the difference between the narrative and story. According to K. R. Jennings (2015) “A story is a structured narrative. It has a beginning, middle and end. It typically contains other ingredients too, like characters and a plot.” Furthermore Jennings states that “a narrative, on the other hand, is a sequence of events. It has no standard form or structure. No distinct beginning or end.” Simply put, narrative is basically the order in which something is put in and there is always a reason for this. For example, directors often use flashbacks, voiceovers or montages to show previous stories or show a passing of time. Genre, Character, Form and Time help us make sense of a narrative and also about what to expect. For example, Pulp Fiction has various stories with different characters going on. We call this a “Meta-Narrative”. There are a number of different narrative theories which propose ways in which stories (including films) are commonly put together.
The Dark Knight is an open narrative because it is left for the audience to interpret what is going to happen next. The film is left on a cliff hanger which exemplifies how there is going to be a follow on from this film. Another style that the Batman series adopt is the formulaic sequence. David Wood (2009) states that “. Formulaic sequences serve a wide variety of uses and functions in discourse, and are a generally agreed upon means of expressing concepts and relationships which…
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