The Difference Between Online Learning And Traditional Classroom Education

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The differences seem to be profound and similar at the same time with online learning and traditional classroom education . The online tool of technology has the relationship of human and machine conversing , working as a unit , impersonal , with a no interaction as with a human being as teacher . In that reality the teaching basically is deleted where the student is teaching their selves to a certain extent with learning also. With this you only find information that is updated for the learning experience of the student , this is the similarity with classroom learning .For the teacher also gives information also derived from updated curriculum works . The traditional classroom has advantages . They have a personality each to its own that can be expressed from faculty and student alike . That shows the personal side to education . Their is someone to set the rules and guidelines to follow ,there is someone to look up to ,there are others to interact with face to face with for seeing the reaction to that interaction. With online learning there is the advantage of scheduling with the student being able to learn at the pace they can more proficient with . The classroom student has to adhere to the rules set by the instructor no matter the students priorities . The overall learning ability of the student is the best determining factor with the opportunities afforded to students today . The choices that can determined by prospective students today is outstanding .

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