The Difference Between Parenting Styles and Strategies

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Parenting styles, such as authoritative, authoritarian, permissive, and neglectful, tend to be almost inherent to the individual, something that is unlikely to change. A parenting strategy is something an individual chooses. It may be based upon their parenting style, but it can also change in response to needs and behaviours. Parenting strategies tend to be in regards to disciplinary measures. Strategies are usually needed to attend to problem behaviours, which tend to arise because of ineffective discipline, as in the case of intermittent discipline, or coercive discipline, such as spanking or yelling. While any parent may have moments of ineffective parenting strategies, especially in the face of various life stressors, ineffective…show more content…
Results showed that parenting practises, such as parenting strategies, and child functioning is not affected by the ethnicity of the family, family structure, family income, or gender, but that harsh punishment was more likely to occur from mothers, especially from mother to son (2002). A study was done in Hong Kong with mothers of 183 children between the ages of six and eight (Chan, 2010). Mothers completed a group interview, and a questionnaire was read to the group on children’s coping strategies, the mother’s level of authoritativeness, and on the mother’s response to their child’s emotions. The mothers then recorded their answers to each question individually on a rating scale. Each child’s teacher then rated that child upon their level of prosocial behaviour and on their acceptance by their peers. Results of Chan’s study showed that while the mother’s level of authoritative parenting style affected the way the mother supported their child’s emotions (2010). What is interesting is that only the supportive responses, not the actual fact that the mother adopted an authoritative parenting style, had a significant effect on the way their child utilized positive coping strategies (Chan, 2010). In essence, the parenting strategy of being supportive allows the child to develop and utilize positive coping strategies. Instead of studying adjustment and coping strategies, Aisling
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