The Difference Between Representation And Presentation

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Angelika Dobosz What 's the difference between Representation and Presentation. “How does the image relate to the self?”(Jones 2006) made me think of how different artists/ photographers present and represent different things in their work, in many different ways. From things that are actually seen in the images to things like thoughts and feelings that are represented through certain aspects of the image but cannot be seen only felt. I feel like this quote helps me back that up “Representation is understood to be adequate to objects like snow, gravestones, and trees, whose very visibility can be understood as a sign of the unrepresentability of the concepts or feelings that make them worth representing.”(Elkins 2008). To help me form…show more content…
Her work features many different themes but the ones that always seen the come up are self image, gender, representations of the body in relation to the surroundings (Francesca Woodman 1958–1981, no date) The artist I chose to compare to Woodman is Robert Capa as he is so different in the style of work as he is a Hungarian war photographer who is known for insisting on working inside of the trenches. The first place he worked was during the Spanish Civil War and that is when he got more known for his work. (Robert Capa biography, no date). Capa originally wanted to become a writer not a photographer resulting him in becoming a journalist photographer. He became well known for his photograph of the falling solider he took during the Spanish War. He died from stepping onto a landmine and dying with the camera in his hands. (Robert Capa, no date) The piece of work from Woodman that I am going to be comparing with Capa is one of her pieces from her Self-Deceit series. The one image that I am going to focus on is the image where Woodman is seen naked crawling out of a corner, with a mirror leaning against a wall. In the photograph it looks like she is looking into the mirror at her own reflection. The image is believed to be # 1 from the year 1978. When we discussed this photographed in one of my classes we went and listed everything that can be
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