The Difference Between Right And Wrong And Good Versus Evil

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Ashanti Mcgary Professor Wendi Dunlap English 1302 11 May 2015 Good versus Evil The difference between right and wrong and good versus evil can be simplified in a basic short story text. Flannery O ' Connor bases its concept of good versus evil in "A Good Man is Hard to Find." The characters justify this theory. Flannery O 'Conner, as a Catholic, saw the nature of good vs. evil and centers around the literature "A Good Man is Hard to Find," by utilizing the roles of these characters. O Connor’s theory is contributed to God’s work towards ordinary people. The characters in the story such as The Misfit, Harry/Bevel, and Mr. Guizac perform a form of salvation for themselves that go against their will. A quote from Frederick Crews mentions O’Connor’s work as “not finally about salvation, but about doom the sudden and irremediable realization that there is no exit from being, for better or worse, exactly who one is” (Crews qtd. In McMullen 58). In O’Connor’s short story, there is a lot of shocking reality checks that the family views throughout. In my perception, O’Connor’s view of salvation is just being who you are. This serves it correctly by O’Connor quoting “Who should not be so pro ne to ignore how very divisive grace is; we should not so often forget that it cuts with the sword Christ came to bring” (O’Connor qtd. in Muller 100). In all definition of the many type of people in this everyday life such as, criminals, foreigners, Christ followers, and children, include

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