The Difference Between Society And Culture

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Society and culture have always played a big role in people’s life. All societies differ from one to another; each one has its own cultural practices, values, beliefs, mores, traditions, etc. It is important to distinguish the difference between society and culture. Society is where a group of individuals interact with others; while culture is the way these individuals live life. Both, society and culture also vary from country to country; for example, education in China is not the same as USA. China has been recognized by its higher standards of education; children are well known for exceeding in school at their very young age in science and mathematics subjects. Chinese parents and schools also teach their kids to respect and continue their cultural practices and legacy. Nevertheless, in America, there is not much effort from schools to teach children history or culture since it is a multicultural country. As it is known, family is the basic unit of a society. Cultural practices are passed from generation to generation through the family. Parents teach their children to distinguish what is right or wrong based on their cultural perspective. In two short stories, “Two Kinds” by Amy Tan and “Salvation” by Langston Hughes, both authors talk about how cultural practices affected the life of two kids. In “Two Kinds,” Tan talks about how important was for Jing-Mei’s mother that her daughter became a prodigy without forgetting Chinese culture. In the other short story,
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