The Difference Between Tangled and Rapunzel The Short Story

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Tangled In many fairy tales, there is always a damsel in distress that is beautiful and the male character always falls in love with her. In Rapunzel the short story, Rapunzel is put into a tower and lives there most of her young life by her ‘mother’ before her prince comes to recuse her. The difference between Tangled and Rapunzel the short story is that, Rapunzel is the princess and her prince is actually a thief, which ends up falling in love with her. Tangled illustrates how a naïve and beautiful heroine, evil mother figure, and a shallow egotistical hero can make a fairy tale story end with love and marriage.
As in many fairy tales we have grown up with, the characters are always beautiful or handsome, with an evil mother that wants
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So ingrained is the image of women's beauty in fairy tales that it is difficult to imagine any that do not highlight and glorify it.” (722). Therefore, each story uses beauty to draw in a bigger audience because no one wants to see an ugly duckling. This is how the media portrays women today, that they should be skinny and beautiful and if they are not then no one will want to be like them; the young beautiful women get more rewards. What that shows girls is that they must be a fairy tale character just to be noticed, but what they do not understand is how naïve Rapunzel is to her surroundings because mother Gothel will not let her out of the tower. Since Rapunzel has only been around her mother, she has no concept of the outside world and the people in it. Rapunzel is naïve and does not want to disobey her mother, but wants to see the floating lanterns for her birthday. Rapunzel is also selfless and does not want to disappoint her mother, but she still craves the outside world. Mother Gothel is always telling her that the people will only use her for her hair and that she will not be able to take care of herself. When leaving the tower she has conflicting emotions and has a hard time deciding to go forward or to just stay. She does not want mother Gothel to be heartbroken and disappointed in her decision to leave because
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