The Difference Between The Rate Of Development

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The difference between the sequence of development, the rate of development and why and the difference between the two are important is that the rate of development is normally the ‘time frame’ in which development takes place and the sequence of development is when development follows the expected pattern but not at a particular time. Genetics, social and cultural factors all have an impact on when a child will develop their skills. Both terms are important to know, therefore you can establish the pattern and time frame most children’s development takes place. It is also important to be aware that milestones/normative measurements can only specify general trends in children. Milestones and development stages are normally broken down and put in to age bands of the expected time and rate the child would be expected to reach. Development can be fast during the early years. Children with additional needs often seem to ‘dance the development ladder’ as they could walk at the expected age but not talk at the expected age. As a childcare practitioner it is important to be aware of the development stages for children, ages between 0 – 19 years. The main areas of development is physical, intellectual, emotional and social/communication. As practitioners we must remember to look at a child holistically. (as a whole person) Development continues from birth to death and can be likend to a web or network.’ (19/11/14, CACHE level 3 child care and education, Carol Meggitt 2nd edition)
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