The Difference Between Training And Development

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The difference between training and development (10 marks) There are many definitions for development and training that will can be used to indicate the difference between the two concepts. Richard Swansonh defines development as “a process for developing and unleashing human expertise through training and development and organization development for the purpose of improving performance.” Human resource development can also be defined as a set of systematic and planned activities designed by an organization to provide its members with the opportunities to learn necessary skills to meet current and future job demands. On the other hand, training is the acquisition of new skills and knowledge relevant to a job. Training is classified into different categories including • Induction training which is meant to introduce new staff with their role and responsibilities within the company. Colleagues are introduced, systems explained and the expectations of the job are clarified. In addition, the regulations of the company is outlined including • On-the-job training is performed not in the class room but with the work place where the trainee can learn from more experienced staff through instruction and observation. • Off-the-job training is performed in-site or off-site but in both locations, the trainees is released from his daily duties and is devoted to training. It can be concluded from the above discussion that development has a broader focus on learning and relates to a
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