The Difference Between Unites States Healthcare Systems and the Healthcare Systems in Sweden

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The difference between Unites States healthcare systems and the healthcare systems in Sweden Noranda Brown Kaplan University The difference between healthcare systems in the United States and the healthcare systems in Sweden. Healthcare systems vary in many different developing countries, causing various types of governmental issues regarding the care of unhealthy citizens in an unstable environment. The healthcare of Sweden and the United States (U.S.) will be addressed and differentiated in this essay based on economical, discriminatory, and governmental aspects . These two countries vary in healthcare systems and has strived for the development in resolving governmental issues, funding issues, and better education to…show more content…
Minorities has less advantage of getting accessing diagnostic and surgical procedures and tests, and therapeutic treatment and medication (Hotlz,2008). Elderly care, child care from 0-18 years of age and pregnancies are more likely to receive healthcare in the United States because people under these circumstances are considered more needy than those that are not. The difference of the U. S. heath system and Sweden’s heath system is that anybody any age (0 and above), is eligible for all healthcare needs and depending on the case may even qualify for financial, employment, and housing support. Another difference is that the United States does not give out free medication passes for a year, if a certain dollar amount is spent like the country of Sweden do. However, the two countries identified in this essay, Sweden and the United States (U.S.), have various things in common. One of the similarities of the two countries is that both countries practice Contemporary and Alternative Medicine (CAM). The practice of CAM has played a major role in the wellness of patients and the entire society. CAM can be considered prayer for health, therapeutic, vitamins, and herbs. The United States practice massage therapy, chiropractic therapy, and daily vitamins. The leaves of Andrographis Paniculata, has been used in Sweden as an remedy for upper respirator infection (URI) and influenza (, 2006-2011). Another similarity of Sweden health care system and the U.S.

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