The Difference Between Verbal and Nonveral Communication

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I believe that every person has a different way of communicating with different people. Verbal and nonverbal communication have been both of the approaches within the interaction. The key difference among the two lies in the middle of the message that has been carried. With the verbal communication, words have been used to exchange information and that would be used with a person or by telephone. As an alternative, nonverbal communication has been mostly a visually. With nonverbal communication, no verbal words have been used. For example the nonverbal communication includes gestures, personality, and eye contact. Sometimes a person could say one thing, than his or her body language says something different (Solomon, & Schell, 2010). There is also written communication, which has been done with an email or through a social networking site (Solomon, & Schell, 2010). I believe that Nonverbal communication has people gestures, for one thing there are some people that stare and their facial expression said something entirely different and that’s more impact than the individuals realize. Having a conversation with someone who creates eye contact can sometimes tell us that they need something or sometimes the eye contact can tell us something different. I’ll give you an example that happened to me. The other day I went over my in-laws house, we we’re over there for a while, I was really bored, so I gave my husband an eye contact, he right away realized that I want to go home, I

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