The Difference Between Women And Women

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Women throughout history has always had some sort of disadvantage to our male counterparts. Whether it was a difference in job opportunities and pay rates, with the prevalence of double standards, or not having the right to vote like men were able to do. Women were always seen as inferior to men, but being African American and a woman, had much more to endure than that of white women. African American women had to be strong willed, not knowingly that this characteristic of black women and their identities has been shaped by that of slavery. In this paper I will discuss the history of slavery, the difference of gender labor roles in slavery, the importance of women slavery, the treatment differences of African men and women and the effect…show more content…
Many that were enslaved because they were prisoners of war or because of a crime that was committed. The prevalence of female slaves were more common in the African internal slave trade (Robertson & Klein 5). In some cases, women were bought at higher prices than that of men (Robertson & Klein 5). The demand for female slaves in Africa was so strong that “slave hunters often neglected men or massacred them on the battle field” (Robertson & Klein 56). During slavery, there was an apparent disproportion of women being imported and exported. Out of the 60,000 slaves that was exported through the Atlantic Slave Trade to the West Indies during the end of the seventeenth and beginning of the eighteenth centuries, only 38 percent of them were women (Robertson & Klein 30). Gaspar and Hein stated: In the Americas more African men than women were imported, primarily because Africans exported more men than women by a ratio of about two to one. A secondary reason for importing more male slaves was the European belief that the field labor was men’s work and men were stronger than women. The irony of this perception is that while men may be more muscular than women, in Africa it was the women who did and do most of the routine heavy hauling. (22) There are differences of when women and men begin working in their lives. Girls began working at younger ages. The average girl began her working life entirely or partially in the house but ended up in the fields, while the
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