The Difference Between Women And Women

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Women throughout history has always had some sort of disadvantage to our male counterparts. Whether it was a difference in job opportunities and pay rates, with the prevalence of double standards, or not having the right to vote like men were able to do. Women were always seen as inferior to men, but being African American and a woman, had much more to endure than that of white women. African American women had to be strong willed, not knowingly that this characteristic of black women and their identities has been shaped by that of slavery. In this paper I will discuss the history of slavery, the difference of gender labor roles in slavery, the importance of women slavery, the treatment differences of African men and women and the effect slavery played on a woman’s identity. The origins of slavery or servitude can be traced to the beginnings of time and in all parts of the world (Engerman 3) and that, “most societies have either been enslaved or enslavers at some time in the past” (Engerman 3). Everett stated that, “Slaves reinforced the cultures of the Ancient World”,whether it was the building of temples and pyramids, domestic work in palaces, cultivating the land near the Nile River, or protectors of the land, slaves had every part in it (10). Slavery in the America can trace its origins to the people of the West African countries. The most notable West African countries where slavery was allowed comprised of Zaire, Ghana, Mali, Liberia, Nigeria, Angola, and Sierra…

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