The Difference Between Wordpress And Websites

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Each hosting site works very well and they both walk you through starting up your blog. Many bloggers will tell you that one is better than the other, and maybe for them it is. But to be honest, they are so similar it really doesn’t matter which one you choose.

Once you sign up, take a moment to look at your control panel. It looks super confusing, but it gets easier as you go. Here, you can see your plan, create domain names, add an email address, and see how much data you are using on your blog. Most hosting sites offer a certain amount of space you can use with them, but it’s typically a large amount. Browse around the control panel and use the chat feature or call customer support with questions. For both sites, the staff will be able
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You won’t lose any of your content either. The change is safe! So, don’t feel like you are stuck with whatever theme you decide to use.

People are “love at first sight” creatures. You are going to want to make sure you page is loved at first sight. Readers are first going to browse the home page and see what the site looks like. They want to see an eye-catching page that draws them in and makes them want to stay. So choose a theme that can help you set up an ideal landing page.

Play around with the dashboard for a little bit. Get to know it. This is the place where you will control everything that happens with your blog. Write up your first post if you want. Make a test one and see how it feels and looks to write a blog. You can always delete the post later. Customize your theme and the appearance of your site. You can configure how you want your home page to look, you can add a header or a footer, you can add images and give your site a tagline and add a logo. If you really screw it all up, the nice people working for your hosting site will gladly help you get your site back to normal.

Important Pages: There are a few things you should do right away with your blog, after you’re done playing around with it of course. You will need a disclosure policy and a privacy policy. Yes, I know this sounds all technical and scary, but it will only help your blog in the long run. Set up
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