The Difference In Age : The Difference In Age

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The Difference in Age What is mass media? It is any means of “communication intended to reach a general, public audience” (Coleman).The forms of communication extending to the masses has significantly changed throughout the existence of man. Media outlets have changed the way messages are delivered outside of interpersonal communication. Instead of one person telling another to relay a message, or tell multiple people, the range of methods to reach thousands, and millions of people has become critically simple. Mass media includes but not limited to: newspapers, magazines, billboards, and social media. These tools of communication were the offspring of the first print media, the printing press. The printing press was created in the 15th century by Johannes Gutenberg. The history of printing began long before Gutenberg dating back 600 years with the Chinese monks, however, Gutenberg formatted the printing press to create books and various articles a lot faster than the traditional way by hand. This began the first notable kind of media, Print Media. Print media includes books, magazines, and newsletters. Beginning with the Federalist Papers, receiving the same information as your neighbor was more accessible. By the 19th century, the invention of the telegraph grew literacy rates and more newspapers were placed in people’s hands. This then created a phenomenon where people wanted to be the first for all news whether true or not and this is called, Yellow Journalism. Yellow
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