The Difference Of Interpretation On Coal Industry

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Why does the difference of interpretation about coal industry appear in National Coal Mining Museum for England and the Coal Museum of China? Based on the analysis of interpretation methods in two museums, it could be found that the position of coal industry is different in two countries. In the UK, selectively memories and a sense of nostalgia about the generation of coal industry in the UK appear in the museum. On the contrary, the national coal museum tends to represent that although the energy structure has been started to change, coal resource still plays an irreplaceable role in China. To analyze why the difference of interpretation appears in two national coal museums, it is necessary to examine the past and the present conditions of coal industry in the UK and China. There are an increasing number of open-air museums in the UK. In essence, these museums not only were built to preserve buildings and objects and recall historical memory, but also were used to recall a significant generation or a period. John Ruskin in the book named The Seven Lamps of Architecture pointed out that the glory of a building or a collection is not in its material or its size, but in its generation. In other words, great era could bring the honor of history for people. Especially for the industrial past, it is easier to motivate the nostalgic impulse. In Britain, coal resource not only influenced the development of industry and technology, but also improved people’s daily life and
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