The Difference Of Race By Jared Gardner

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Identifying interesting or insightful pieces of the text:
When reading "The Difference of Race" I found it particularly interesting that the South would go as far as to consider themselves a different race from the North. The article specifies why they most likely decided to do this, “As Jared Gardner has accurately observed, “growing regional divisions between North and South prompted metaphors of race to describe distinctions that were regional, political, economic—anything but racial” (Watson, 11). I find it interesting that this group of people based such importance on race that they felt they needed to be made into their own singular race to look better than not only the negro but also the North. It seems that this indicates that they not only wanted the importance and authority they had over colored people but they needed to also expand that control over the Northern people by trying to create their own race and then assert that it was already better than the other existing races. It was insightful to see that the South was this concerned about the way they were viewed and that they were in a position of power and prestige.
The piece of the text titled, “Reflections on Law, Culture, and Slavery”, that I found most insightful and interesting was the evidence that people of color were taking action to influence the outcome of their sales, the sales of their loved ones, and other aspects of their commercial use. It is clear from other historical evidence that slaves were

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