The Difference between American and German Thinking

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The way Germans and Americans think is totally opposite. Germans think deductively, and take a scientific approach. On the other hand Americans tend to think inductively, they first form a goal and figure out the details later. These styles but head because Germans often think of the American approach as unrealistic. The negative side to the German thinking is that while are German is planning an American may beat him to putting an item on the market. The Americans might not be 100 percent error free but they got the product out first. Communication styles are also very different in the two countries. Americans do not like to disagree with one another. They hardly ever tend to respond with firm answers and try to beat around the bush and try to politely tell someone no. Germans like to debate with each other when they are facing a problem. If a German disagrees with you they will be sure that it is made know. A difference between Germany and America is freedom vs. security. Americans believe in having freedom even at the cost of sacrificing security. Germans on the other hand like to have security. They like to be able to plan ahead for long periods of time. They find the fact that in the US a person can be fired from their job for almost no reason at all very distressing. There is also a great difference in freedom of speech in the two countries. For example in the US racist Nazi propaganda would be legal where in Germany it is completely illegal. The American view is I
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