The Difference between Today's Post-modern World and the Middle Ages

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The working of society and the ways of thinking are directly in contrast to one another, ranging from the role of religion, to the advancement of technology and art. It makes you wonder what a person from those times would think if they could see how far the world has progressed and how things have changed now.

Back then, the medieval towns were dirty and disease ridden. The butchers and townspeople were told to put their waste out on the street. Human waste and garbage was included in this waste. Medieval towns did not have the garbage or sewer system that exists today; this resulted in the streets being a main source of disposal for the townspeople. Rats were very common. Water was far from clean as the local river was polluted from the wastes that were tossed over. Therefore, since the river was the main source of water for the townspeople and because they knew little about health and hygiene, disease was very common. The townspeople had no other choice but to use the river as their main source. Today, clean water is available to any citizen of a city or town. In the medieval town those of royalty had access to many kinds of wine while the poor did not. Today, everyone is open to the beverage of their choice at a fair cost of course.

The peasants who worked for the Lords and King were not capable of reading, as they did not have the knowledge to do so. If they went to a shop for a…
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