The Difference between University and School

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Do you feel very curious about it? Do you want to know the reason? If you have not known it very clearly, quickly read the words followed. Maybe they have already seen the differences between school and university, for example the ways of studying are extremely different, the arrangement is also becoming very free and there are many changes in the teachers.
Why do I think that university and school have a lot of differences, the most important point which make me realize that thing is the way of studying. When you are in school you do not need to organize anything by yourself. You can just follow your teachers’ requirements. However, in university it is quite different. Chinese teacher allow you to recite you essays and ancient poetries and ask you to rewrite them the other day. At the same time, accompanied with a great number of vocabularies which are waiting for you to remember, there are a lot of questions regarding to math, chemistry and physics. Although they make you feel tired and bored, you should finish your homework everyday. You keep studying all the time under your teachers' construction. However when you enter university you can find it surprising that teachers seldom assign homework and request you to do something. If you don't want to waste your time, you need to be self-monitor and fix up your time correctly. Besides this point, the…
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