The Difference between a Leader and a Manager

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Decision making can be perceived to be the only defined hallmark of a genuine leader. This relates tour understanding of leadership as a verb; something we do as opposed to what we are. This narrow definition however, misses the point that leadership is not necessarily the function or role of only a leader rather, leadership as a concept represent the coming together of many component including organization hierarchy, strategy and those prepared to follow and enact. It is not simply enough therefore to consider the actions of a leader in isolation of process or culture. There is however, a very useful broad distinction between managing and leading bearing in mind that it is not either/ or both. Who is a manager? A manager is responsible for planning and directing the activities of a group in an organization, he monitors and take corrective actions in the organization. He is empowered to hire or fire a staff, promote and also change work schedules of the staff. The title of a manager reflects his job position such as an Admin Manager, Marketing Manager or Branch Manager. He oversees the affairs of the unit he is in charge of and works with his team in achieving the goals and objectives of the organization. There are many means available to the manager in motivating those within his or her sphere of influence towards success. As Child, (1984), discuss, one mechanism available to leaders in an organization is the culture and nature of ‘reward’. It is possible to utilize this
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