The Difference in a Woman's Path towards Incarceration to that of a Man's

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The majority of women who end up in prion have a dependent that they are the primary caregivers of. According to the study conducted by the NIC, “80% of women who enter prison are mothers, nearly 85% of those have custody and 70% of women who enter prison have at least one child under the age of 18,” (Schmalleger, p 454). According to the book Criminal Justice Today, “one out of four women entering prison has either recently given birth or is pregnant,” (Schmalleger, p 455). As of the year 2010 women accounted for 7% of the prisons, both federal and state, population (Schmalleger, p 454). This figure has grown by 3% since the year 1981(Schmalleger, p 454). Women’s prisons tend to be much further away from their homes and in turn making it difficult for their children to be able to come and visit them when they are allowed to. According to the NIC’s study in Criminal Justice Today, the breakdown of women’s offense is;”34% drug offense, 27% property offense, 8% violent offense, 11% public-order offense these are the facts for state prisons, federal prison facts are; 72% drug offense, 12% property offense, 7% violent offense, 8% public-order offense, and 1% other,” (Schmalleger, p 455). One couldn’t possibly even imagine the effect it has on the children of the mothers incarcerated. Studies have shown that children with at…
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