The Differences Between A Job Application And Resume

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Career Paper During Freshman Studies, we learned about how to properly and appropriately fill out a job application and so much more. Our lesson included resumes, work etiquette, non-traditional careers, our future, and more. With the educational practices performed in class, I now officially understand the differences between a job application and resume, because at first I thought it was the same thing. The application and scenario simulators really helped me when understanding what was not accepted on an application and while working and what was. Also, I learned about the things that can get you fired, which surprised me, because it’s even small mistakes that can ruin your opportunity to get a job.

When filling out a job
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It is not allowed for the worker to just leave whenever they feel the need to. Now with the activities done in class, I understand that and will take the knowledge with me for when I have a job of my own. It’s pretty scary to think that I would have a job of my own soon, but now I know what to do and what to expect.

The rules and regulations for a job and proper work etiquette is very important to know. Not only can disregarding the rules prevent you from getting the job but it can also get you fired and more. Everybody should know the regulations for a proper behavior because it can help you during many situations. If you understand what’s appropriate and what’s not, then it can prevent you from losing your job. I already knew some of the basic things about what’s acceptable and what’s not but some things I learned in class. For example, the small things, like being late. What I already knew was to just be on time. But in class, I learned that just a simple call to work notifying that you’re going to be late can save you a lot of trouble. I am glad that Freshman Studies is even a class in high school and that I’m a part of it. Sure I slack off here and there but honestly the material is so important to know. It’s important to know for when we grow up and look so succeed. In addition to knowing the rules and regulations for a job, we also discussed in class about what job we might be interested in. Many people already know what they want
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