The Differences Between A Project Management Framework And Project Management Methodology

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Question 1.
1.1. The difference between a project management framework and a project management methodology.

The definitions of a project management framework and methodology were provided to us during classes in IPA on the lecture slides. There was also a description of benefits of both of them and on my opinion it is one of the best summaries to understand the difference I have found so far. Other sources have comparison of PMBOK and PRINCE2 and provide broad description of their differences, strengths and weaknesses (Knowledge Train Limited, 2017) and how to implement and benefit from using the both PMBOK and PRINCE2 in managing projects in organisation (Debra Sunohara, 2011).

To describe the difference between project management framework and project management methodology I will use the definitions provided by IPA with the following description of my understanding of them:

• A Framework “is a logical structure for classifying and organizing complex information“.

• A Methodology “is a documented approach for performing activities in a coherent, consistent, accountable, and repeatable manner“.

The framework definition applies to PMBOK. It is a collection of techniques, knowledge and principles on Project Management. It uses a common terminology,
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This means that if I get a job in one of these business sectors I might have a challenge in implementing Project Management approach in HR. To run future projects successfully I should provide a business justification to persuade senior HR management to implement it. This could be another project for me - to prove benefits it will bring to HR department and the company and show Return on Investment for staff training and other implementation expenses. As someone said, “at the heart of every large project is a small project trying to get
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