The Differences Between Baptists, Pentecostals, And Roman Catholics

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There are multiple differences between Baptists, Pentecostals, and Roman Catholics; the main disagreement is salvation. Some things about salvation that they disagree on is what salvation is, what people need to do in order to receive it, and what you do in order to maintain it. The goal is to find out why there is disagreement on this, and what salvation actually is, and how it is actually obtained according to the Bible. This is important because the churches are busy arguing with each other rather than trying to fix the more important problems that are facing the world today. There world could be a much better place if the church would stop arguing about salvation and would try to focus on changing this world to a place where people fear the Lord. My goal is to find the answers to these questions and see if there is actually a median between the three. In order to understand the differences between these three denominations, salvation must be defined. In the Old Testament, when salvation is mentioned, it is mostly referring to two things--being delivered from the Egyptians, and being saved from evil or danger. In the New Testament, salvation means: being saved from the suffering of our sin because Jesus died on the cross for everybody. This does not seem like such a hard topic to understand but, there is a lot of debate throughout the Christian community about this. Theokritoff states that “Salvation is effected by the work of Jesus Christ, but it has to be accepted

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