The Differences Between Black And White

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After having listened to hip hop music for years now, and after having taken this course I am convinced that the genre of hip hop emerged in response to the life experience that Black people have had in the United States since the days of slavery. While these people are no longer in chains, there are still significant differences between Black and White lives generally. There are statistics that pretty much remain constant throughout the years showing a definite lag in Black achievement in most areas: economic, educational, in areas of health, and more. So what is the problem? While Black success is certainly not at the same level as whites, there are those Blacks who have prospered immensely. The Oprah Winfreys, Will Smiths, Bill Cosbys, Michael Jacksons, and other Blacks who have seemingly been able to break out of the Black prison seem to have something in common that others could very well follow. The common denominator of these exceptional Blacks seems to be the ability to defer the instant gratification of a life unhampered by prejudice and low expectations on the part of whites, and set their own course despite the conditions surrounding them. This is stoicism in action. It is the ability to suffer slights, prejudices or outright hatred and pursue one’s course undeterred. Marrying the urgency and appeal of hip hop with the philosophy of stoicism should yield new results for the Black American community. One of the popular images of Black people in the white
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