The Differences Between British English and American English Essay

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British English (Brtish English; BrE), also known as British English, primarily living in the British Isles of England (England) who rules of English, as the British and the official language of the country.
This paper studies the differences between British English and American English, is divided into three chapters pronunciation, letters, culture and so on. These three characteristics are primarily to discuss the differences between the two. In addition, this study will also be in the USA now cultural, social phenomenon as the background, in-depth analysis of the differences between the two, to increase its readers understanding of both. Pronunciation: all around the world, English accents are different, but this is not a serious problem, as long as the general spends some time, probably can easily habits around the accent. Just think, even in the same country, the same language or pronunciation and tone may be different, like American of eastern and southern people speak English sounds are very different, so much more people from different countries? British English and American English have its significant difference, the pronunciation, the retroflex as an example, both British English or American English, when in the vowel before, the speaker will send a sound, but if appear after a vowel, British people generally don't send sound, but to speak American English people will be retroflex clearly.

2.2 The definition of American English
American English is a kind of form…