The Differences Between Countries And Education

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The differences of countries also affect their system of education. Education is really important to every single person in all parts of the world. Philippines is a country that was influenced a lot by the United States. Although this may be true, the system of education in both countries is different. The standards of education in the United States are higher than most of the countries. However, the secondary education in the Philippines is approved by the government to change to a curriculum like the United States’. The system of education in the United States and the Philippines are different in terms of the number of years, the courses or subjects available, and the degrees that the schools offer. First of all, the number of years a student needs to fulfill to finish their studies. United States’ years of study consist of 6 years primary or called the elementary school, and 6 years of secondary which is divided into 2, the middle school and the high school. Both primary and secondary education have the total of 12 years, and the higher education which is the college degree varies. Students graduated high school between 17-18, and the average age to finish college is 25. Common schools in the United States, mostly require the students to spend their first two years in college taking general education and prerequisites that lengthen the study time. Philippines’ years of education consist of 6 years primary school, and 4 years secondary with the total of 10 years.
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