The Differences Between Four Conceptions Of Gender

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MS 2009 Essay (Question 9)
In the developing environment, digital technologies advance people in different aspects. Game is one of the products under technology, while gaming is also sometime contextualized by shared cultural discussion (Carr, D. & Burn, A., 2006), such as gender. As De Castell and Bryson argued, there are four conceptions of gender, which are positivism, constructivism, critical, and postmodernism. (De Castell, S. & Bryson, M., 1998) To understand gender through technology, critical analysis standing out of these four concepts as it echoes with the structure and users’ views.

In the following essay, it will first distinguish the difference between four conceptions of gender. Then, it followed by the illustration of the reality video gaming cultural in terms of the structure and characters, and the resistance from players and production, to see how critical analysis understand better in technology via gaming. Notably, throughout the essay, ‘sex’ means the actual male and female based on biological factors whereas ‘gender’ means man and woman based on social factors in general. (Cranny-Francis, A., Waring, W., Stavropoulos, P., & Kirkby, J., 2003) In between these concepts, the fundamental differences are their ways to see the relationship between sex and gender through people’s daily representation.

To begin with, positivism apply gender is totally the same as sex, as biological sex is equivalent to gender. (De Castell, S. & Bryson, M., 1998) Positivism
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