The Differences Between Greeks And Romans

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Greeks and Romans civilization achievements were put into the categories of politics, religion, and intellectualism. Religion has performed a major role in developments of societies. The main points that will be discussed in this paper are the overall benefits and consequences of religion, and the changes that were made. The beginnings of Christianity are very blurry, as far as historical fact is concerned. The tragedy of the Roman invasion resulted in the Greeks having to change there out look on religion from what they always believed in to something completley different. Before explaining the Roman invasion to the Greeks, and how religion was impacted. This shows how Roman was overall an influence to the Mediterranean world, and became the reason of why things had began to change. As mentioned previously, Rome had become the dominant state in the Mediterranean world. Roman expansion had occurred in three main stages; the uniting of the Italian peninula, which gave Rome the manpower that transformed it from a city-state into a great power; the collision with Carthage, from which Rome emerged as ruler of the western Mediterranean; and the subjugation of the Hellenistic states, which brought Romans in close contact with Greeks civilization. As Rome expanded territorially, its leaders enlarged their invasion. Instead of resticting citizenship to people having ethnic kinship, Rome assimilated other peoples into its political community. Just as law had grown to cope with the
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