The Differences Between Japanese And Japanese Americans

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Throughout American history there has always been problems with civil rights because the white male has always been viewed as being superior. Once Pearl Harbor was bombed by the Japanese during World War 2 the United States was uneasy whether the loyalty of the Japanese living in the states would remain with the United States, or with Japan. Both Japanese natives and Japanese-Americans were placed in concentration camps during this time period. About a decade and a half later, African Americans also made their largest and most influential movement for racial equality. Famous leaders, including Martin Luther King Jr., fought prejudice for us all. Lastly, the 1960s also became a time period where women no longer wanted to viewed as being unequal to men. The common visual of a woman was pregnant and in the kitchen; they wanted to get rid of this image because it was a set boundary for their life. Not only did these people change history, but they created a legacy that would make the United States a place of opportunity for anyone. When people think about concentration camps the first thing that comes to their mind is the Holocaust during WW2, but what they fail to realize is that the United States had also set up concentrations camps for Japanese people, today they are referred to as Japanese-American Internment Camps. This relocation of the Japanese-Americans became one of the most delicate civil rights violation in American history, but at the time it was justified by the…
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