The Differences Between Men And Women

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Have you ever wondered what the differences are between men and women psychologically, and biologically? Men and Women are extremely different in many ways. Men act in certain ways and express themselves differently from how women do. There are many differences between the two genders including communication skills, biologically different, and the cultural stereotypes that have separated the two genders socially. Many relationships end due to the fact of misunderstanding each other and how to communicate to each other in the relationship. “When it comes to personal relationships, best-selling books and popular magazines often claim that women and men don’t get along because they communicate too differently” (Wheeling, K. 2015). Communication in any type of relationship is very important to have. Weather it is in a work environment or an intimate relationship with family members including; the mom and dad, or the wife and husband. “To become an effective communicator, you need to learn to listen just as much as you need to learn to speak” (Whitbourn, 2012). Men and women that work together to solve the problem or situation they are going through and understanding one another’s own personal perspective and realizing that men and women think differently from one another will have a successful relationship. Since men and women are different psychologically sometimes what women believe is the best way to communicate is sometimes what men believe is the worst way to communicate,

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