The Differences Between Men And Women

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Valentyn Shumakov
Prof. Blunk, Dawn
English 1A
20 July 2015
Essay 4 Sexualizing won’t get your anywhere The difference of men and women are usually defined by the organs they develop, and the ways in which those are used. Upon opening most magazines, a warm greeting from a woman’s slim, photoshopped body or an oddly attractive man with a six pack will be offered. Many advertising agents would apply various techniques to get customers involved with their product and one of the most common ones is using sexual content in the advertising. It has been proven that media that involves sexual content gains more attention from all age and gender groups. The common image of a female features a young woman with attractive body revealing herself to the public. When it comes to men, they are represented as strong and brave men who are very masculine. From images similar to those, the clear gender difference provokes resentment and sexually fueled difference in society between man and woman. The sexualizing among men and women today merely enhances negative interactions between each gender; overall society would benefit grandly if the sexism in media was regulated. Sexualizing in advertisement can cause growing generation of young girls to start developing wrong ideal of beauty and the way they should appeal to the world. One of the modern fears is that girls will learn to picture themselves as sex objects, which will cause them to develop anxieties when they fail to meet…

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