The Differences Between Men And Women

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Gender differences in memory
There are many differences when it comes to comparing men and women. There are not only physical appearance differences but there are also internal working mechanisms of their bodies that are different. Men and women differ genetically, physiologically, and psychologically (Loftus, Banji, & Schooler, 1987). Not only does battle of the sexes occur in real world situations, scientists argue back and forth as to which should be superior in terms of cognitive functioning and especially memory ability. Researchers have determined that memory ability may be influenced by differences in interest and expectations along with physiology capabilities (Loftus et al., 1987). It is also believed that cognitive style may play a role in what one remembers. Cognitive style is the psychological differences in a person’s manner of cognitive functioning particularly acquiring and processing information (Kozhevnikov, 2007). During early childhood, memory starts to develop by way of conversation with others primarily caregivers and parents (Dahl, 2014). It is believed that children there were asked for more detail in their story’s later in life could recall those earlier memories in more detail. Research has shown that parents spend more time introducing new information with girls and with boys more time talking about what to do with their feelings (Dahl, 2014). This could be in part because culture along with society tends to have gender

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