The Differences Between Men And Women

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Battle of the Sexes (What is the differences between men and women?) Man and women were made is the beginning of time. The reason why, we will never know, but throughout history these two beings have been compared through every aspects of life. Men are the dominate creatures, controlling the earth, while women are the nurturers. The obvious differences between men and women have been capitalized and fought over throughout humankind’s history. Many of the people in the world have strong opinions on both genders and what their roles are and why they are the way that they are. One of these famous writers is Karen Horney. An informational, biography article stated, “Therapist, teacher, lecturer, writer--Karen Horney was a pioneer who laid the groundwork for the development of a feminine psychology. (Karen Horney)” She wrote many opinionated and researched books and essays on the psychologically based opinions and observations of the world based on men and women, and how they affect each other. One of these famous articles was The Distrust Between Sexes. She developed her career with the influence Sigmund Freud and his interpretations of male psychology. Horney took his information to depict her resulting conclusions on female psychology. Karen Horney’s essay, The Distrust Between Sexes, reflects on the differences between men and women. The author of The Distrust Between Sexes, Karen Horney, narrates in which the way men and women are emotionally unalike. It is said that women

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