The Differences Between Obstetrics And Midwifery

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In life, a person can take practically any two topics and find things that are similar as well as different about them. Even things as simple as dogs and cats, or things more complex like scientific theories, could be both compared and contrasted. As the vast majority of people know there are a lot differences between obstetrics and midwifery. However, contrary to popular belief, the two pathways for childbirth also have a lot in common. The idea of having a specific doctor for childbirth arose in the 18th century. These people were always women and they were labeled as midwifes. Obstetrics did not arise until the end of the 18th century and wasn’t popular until the 19th century. Men came into the picture in the mid-19th century but still were far and few in between as compared to women. In today’s world male obstetricians are just as common as female obstetricians. One of the major similarities in midwifery and obstetrics is the common fact that both handle and manage all aspects of the childbirth. Midwifery is considered more old school and uses less technology. It is known to be a more natural way of having a baby, while obstetrics is solely based on the newest technology in a strict hospital setting. Midwifes are commonly found in rural areas whereas an obstetrician can be found anywhere a hospital is. Obstetricians are able to have their own practice if they wish to do so but a midwife would always have to work under someone whether it is in a hospital, a OB/GYN
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