The Differences Between Osteopathic And Allopathic Medicine

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Puneet Cheema Professor Stacey Elizabeth Ake
PHIL 355: Term Paper 12/6/2014 As a pre-medical undergraduate student, I wasn’t sure what the differences between osteopathic and allopathic medicine. Throughout high school, I would hear of family friends getting into D.O. schools and honestly thought they were doctors with less credentials than a M.D. Later, as a college student, I learned how I was wrong. The application for M.D. and D.O. schools differ, their philosophies may differ but all in all, an individual with either degree is still a well-qualified physician. First off, I think it is importance to talk about the histories of both osteopathic medicine and allopathic medicine. Osteopathic medicine is a different form that focuses on the whole body. It was developed by Andrew Taylor Still, MD, in 1874 who made importance of treating illnesses as a holistic view of the body. After being a surgeon in the Civil War, he approached a new way to medicine to study the human body and find possible ways to better treat illnesses. His research throughout his career and clinical notes show that musculoskeletal system was an important role in overall health. He believed the body contained all the elements needed to maintain health if it is properly stimulated by external and internal applications. Through this idea he created manual techniques that are synonymous with D.O. physicians today, osteopathic manipulative medicine also known
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