The Differences Between Our Culture And That Of Saudi Arabia

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As a manager of a multinational company, I would have a report set up on the cultural differences between our culture and that of Saudi Arabia. In the report, there would be further explanation of the differences of cultures pertaining to religion and general way of communicating. Furthermore, the report would be used as a learning tool, by describing the sensitivity and actions around the different categories of cultural awareness, cultural collision, using religion as a cultural stabilizer, culture shock and the ability to adjust. Once the study is completed I will make a recommendations for the team to follow during their trip to Saudi Arabia in addition to figuring out the additional operating cost my company might assume because of the culture.
A company’s success internationally hinders on the action of becoming culturally aware. Therefore, during business deals in Saudi Arabia it is important to adapt and change your selling technic for reasons of Saudi Arabia being a relationship focused compared to a more western style of a deal focused culture. Deal focused cultures are typically task orientated in which they are (Uni Business, 2016)
1. Open to do business with strangers
2. Contact potential customers or business partners directly.
3. Get down to business at meetings after a few minutes of general conversation.
4. Clarity of understanding important when communicating.
5. Expect direct, frank, low-context communication.
6. Rely on written agreements rather than
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