The Differences Between Peoples Attitudes Towards Gender Roles

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In this course, Anthropology 101, Dr. Crandall has talked many things about human beings, which include differences and similarities. Films he has shown and books for the class assignments capture a fact that there are several common things to all people and several major kinds of differences between people. In addition, Dr. Crandall has taught why human beings have such similarities and why it’s universal all over the world, instead of just in the small regional area. Considering everything mentioned above, at the end of this course, it was fun to think about what appears to me to be more important, the differences or the similarities. Specific four aspects of human life and experiences—seeking for better life, cultural belief, economic status, and technology advancement—are common to all people and societies because the world is following the same path. In addition, There are also specific differences between peoples—perceptions towards gender roles, the purpose of life, unique cultural traditions, and social norms. The differences are more important than the similarities because people can learn new things from each other through sharing unique ideas and perspectives. First aspect of human life that is common to all people is that everyone is seeking for better life no matter what situation they are in. A film called How the Beatles Rocked the Kremlin shows people who were not satisfied with their lives because many things were limited or prohibited by their communism
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