The Differences Between Psychological, Emotional And Relational Health

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Everyone in existence experiences psychological, emotional and/or relational distress as a result of the Fall. This anguish will plague the human race until The Second Coming of Christ. (John 14:1 – 4 New International Version) Immediately following Adam and Eve’s partaking of the forbidden fruit, the effects of The Fall are evident. For the first time they show fear of the Lord and shame about being naked. (Genesis 3:7) God’s punishment for Eve, and as a result, all women is: painful childbirth, desire for her husband, and that he will rule over her. (Genesis 3:16) According to McDonald (1856), there are two elements of Adam’s punishment and consequently man’s punishment. These are: a life of toilsome and exhausting labor and responsibility for the death of man. Before proceeding, we need to define and distinguish the differences between psychological, emotional and relational health. Psychological health is associated with the mind, intelligence and conditions affecting a person’s long-term functioning. Emotional health can be characterized as matters of the heart, short-term reactions that can be visibly expressed such as crying. Relational health is how we interact with others, in other words, how well we get along with other people. It is important to look at death first; everyone will die and death affects all people psychologically, emotionally and relationally. Depending on the circumstances, when a death occurs it will affect each person in a different…
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