The Differences Between Religions And Islam

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Toby Fernihough
Form III: RS Lent Assessment
Living as a Jew and a Muslim Table of Contents
Similarities and differences between the two religions
The Importance of Places of Worship to the Respective Religions
How Places of Worship help to Dispel Prejudice
How the Religions Impact the Societies in which they are Present in
Being a believer of these religions
Being a member of the religion in modern-day Britain
Examples of discrimination

Similarities and differences between the religions

Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are the three major monotheistic religions of the world. They share a common heritage and are related in many ways. However, there are also major differences between the religions.
The major similarity between these three religions is that they are all monotheistic. This means that they believe in only one God. Furthermore, many people would say that they all believe in the same God. Since they are the only three major religions in the world to believe in monotheism, this is a very important similarity.
Because the three religions believe in the same God, they also believe in some of the same scriptures. Only Judaism does not believe in the scriptures of either of the other faiths. The holy book of Judaism is the Tanakh, which corresponds closely to the Christian Old Testament. Christians believe in the authenticity of the Old Testament, but they believe that the New Testament is also the word of God. Muslims believe in the…
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