The Differences Between Science And Science

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Carey explains science to be genuine as well as having the use of rigorous testing of ideas using the scientific method to get results, this is usually done through an investigation (2012, p. 123). Pseudoscience is any type of method or theories, such as astrology, that is considered to not have a scientific basis (2015). Pseudoscience doesn’t follow the scientific method like science does. It sticks with evidence that is found instead of figuring out if it is acclaimed in the natural world. Majority of this essay of course will come from Carey’s book, since it gives a better way to summarize the differences between these two subjects. Pseudoscience and science do have their difference which will be explained, but they seem to also have a similarity, which is claiming to a valid idea of nature. This is probably the only similarity because both science and pseudoscience claim to be valid until proven false (Astronomy, 2015). Most of the differences between science and pseudoscience Carey states that in science, ideas don’t gain respectability till they have been tested through experiments (2012, p. 123). While pseudoscience doesn’t go through tests, but has enough evidence to provide an “accurate” statement, for instance pseudoscience looks at astrological horoscopes as a way to say how the stars and planets line up, but with science this would be inaccurate (Astronomy, 2015). For science, there has to be a hypothesis, tests, and then the results, which again
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