The Differences Between Sex And Gender

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A major question in social science is the difference between sex and gender. Contrary to popular belief, sex and gender are not the same. Sex is defined as biological differences that make someone a male or female. On the other hand, gender is a social arrangement that defines how to act according to sex categories (Conley 2013). According to the writer and sociology professor, Dalton Conley, gender is so deeply rooted in social construction that it may seem as a natural structure of humans’ lives. In addition, Judith Lorber, a former chair of the Sex and Gender Section of the American Sociological Association, states that gender ‘establishes patterns of expectation for individuals’ (Conley 2013). “Doing Gender,” according to Candace West and Don H. Zimmerman, is a production of our interactions and is something we are exposed to since birth (Watts 2002). The social construction of gender has created gender stratification, which refers to the distribution of socioeconomic resources and power on the basis of one’s gender (Risman 1998). For this study, I have taken two of my cousins to a Toy-R-Us store to see their reactions and note their gender socialization or lack of it. The word happiness could not describe the look on my two little cousins face when we walked into the Toys-R-US store. As we walked around the store aisles I asked my 6 year-old girl cousins to pick out a toy. As soon as her and an Elsa doll made eye contact she screamed “Elsa," I knew she had made her

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