The Differences Between South Korea And America

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Bora and I become friends since we took the same class together. She is originally from South Korea and started to study at Old Dominion University before three years ago. One year ago, she married her husband who originally from South Korea too but immigrated to the United States fifteen years ago. After they got married, Bora and her husband started to work on those immigration procedures, but they just put the formalities done last month. I came from China and I speak Mandarin Chinese, so we have a lot of cultural differences with each other. In order to get a better understanding of South Korea’s culture and gain multi-cultural competence as a human service professional in the future, I decided to conduct my interview with Bora.…show more content…
Those difference of culture used to make her panic and afraid of doing oral reports in front of the whole class, and she is still learning how to adapt American class culture right now. On the other hand, Bora still continues to practice some custom in America. She talked to me about the respect elders’ culture in Korea. Young people bow their heads to older people when they meet each other even for the first time, and young people cannot call elders’ name directly because address an elder by their name is considered a very rude action which Koreans cannot imagine. After Bora came to America, she learned how to call people’s name even though she meets elder, but she still keeps this custom when she meets Koreans. Sometimes Bora felt confused when someone asks her where she comes from. As the result of the news we saw everyday online about the difference between south and north Korea, people usually divided them very clearly. However, Bora even did not think that she is a south Korean. She just identifies herself as a Korean. In addition, Bora mentioned about one situation. Since Bora looks like an Asian according to her appearance, some people will just directly ask her whether she is a Chinese or Japanese. She understands that China and Japan are one of the Asian representative countries, but some people assume that every Asian is from China or Japan, which can make her
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