The Differences Between State And The Population

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Every countries government is different from each other. Although, it is likely to study the similarities and differences among the political systems, then group the governments into separate forms of government. A method to group the governments is to divide them into democratic or authoritarian political structures. A democratic population makes a clear differentiation between state and the population. There is a legal limit on the power of a state, this is composed of separation of activities as states are limited. There are a number of institution, in which keep an eye on the functioning of state and guarantees that the state does not overstep its limits. Authoritarian government’s represent a mixture of state and the people. An entire social system in which politics greatly affects a whole variety of human events and associations. In other words, the state runs the government and the affect all the human events and the citizens do not have a say in it. Therefore, authoritarian government doesn’t have any limitation to the amount or kind of intimidation the government may use to reach its end result. Authoritarian governments can banish people or place people in the labor of prison camps without any restrictions. Therefore authoritarian control is infinite in opportunity, it is all- inclusive. The government emphasizes the right to control and organize every phase of life. In a democratic culture, power is spread among multiple groups. There are professional
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