The Differences Between The And Gold And Silver

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All throughout history, even during Bible times, humans have had many different forms of money. In the earliest times of history, and even during early America when the country was still being established, people would barter. The dictionary definition of barter is “to trade (goods, services, etc) in exchange for other goods, services, etc, rather than for money”. The colonists of early America would trade anything from tobacco to livestock to lumber. The colonists traded with anyone. They would trade things such as guns for animal furs with the Indians. The colonists even traded raw materials for finished goods with Europe through the Triangle Trade Route. Though bartering has always and will always be a form of payment, gold and…show more content…
They produced every coin with the year 1652 engraved on it because a new king rose to the throne in England and was mad that the colonists had made their own consistency of money. By putting the same date, 1652, on all the coins, they led the king to believe that they had made the coins in that one year only. They did this for at least thirty years. Finding that these coins were easily chipped, they replaced these coins with a new coin featuring one of three trees on the back. In 1652-1660, a willow tree was printed on the back of these coins. The willow tree was replaced by an oak tree in 1660 and was used until 1667. Finally, from 1667-1682, the pine tree replaced the oak tree on the back of these early forms of coins. Some of the rarest coins were produced by a man named Cecil Calvert. He produced these coins while he was governor of Maryland in 1659 in an attempt to improve the economy of Maryland. He attempted to make coins that were worth one shilling, sixpence, fourpence, and a copper alloy that was worth one pence. His attempt did not work and was very short-lived. He was not able to make the coins long enough to have any kind of impact on Maryland due to England questioning his attempts. His money is known as the Calvert Penny. These coins are not only extremely rare today, but were even rare back then. While he was still making these
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