The Differences Between The And Plato

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Humanity has evolved in more than one way since the Ancient Greek times with technological, cultural and political advancements. Honestly, we wouldn’t be as advanced as we are today without these basic advancements within Philosophy. Society has grasped onto some philosophers ideas more than others because their ideas appealed to what they knew, or arguably to what they thought they knew at the time. Greece was home to most of our famous philosophers. Some have overcome the most complex questions in humanity, this lead to many disagreements among philosophers, which influenced creative new philosophies that intertwined with each base idea. One of the most intriguing subjects was what is the truth? The three opinions of three major influential Greek philosophers; Parmenides, the Sophists and Plato will together elaborate on the subject of truth.
First off, Parmenides had a unique way of looking at truth. Many philosophers disagree with his simplified ideas but regardless, the logic he used has impacted the way society thinks about the world. To summarize Parmenides philosophy his major impact was “What exists exists, and what doesn’t exist doesn’t exist.” This philosophy is logical because if we can think of it or speak of it, how can it be nothing? He argues that our mind cannot wrap itself around the idea of nothingness. Therefore nothingness must not exist. The universe or “reality” is also only one singular thing because it cannot be divided, added to or…
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