The Differences Between The Average Adolescent Brain And The Adult Brain

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Take this time to conceptualize the differences between the average adolescent brain and the adult brain. Perhaps the most logical thought that may come to mind is that adolescents are immature. Teenagers usually tend to shun a lot of the most important people around them, live within their own fantasies, and become oblivious to the realities that exist around them. Whereas when you think of adults, you imagine a sophisticated human being who is able to make decisions for oneself, and even the word adult itself means “grown up and mature”. In Shakespeare 's famous play, Romeo and Juliet, even if they tried to be mature, the seed of Romeo and Juliet 's troubles that occurred during their forbidden love was their lack of immaturity they possessed and the poor decisions they acted upon due to the undeveloped mindset they held; however, as well as the teenagers, at times, the adults, including the most holy and trusted ones, lacked of wisdom, and they too, committed serious mistakes. Friar Laurence is portrayed as being the town’s most holy and trusted man, yet through his character, Shakespeare shows us that even the most holy and trusted adults can also take part with and encourage unreasonable and immature actions. Studies have proven to show that the brain does not completely develop until early adulthood, in the mid twenties; explaining why adolescents tend to make poor decisions and actions. The article “The Teen Brain: Behavior, Problem Solving, and Decision Making”
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