The Differences Between The French And British And The American Colonies During The 19th Century

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Dissatisfaction, especially in the American colonies led to the rejection of mercantilism. Soon enough, capitalism replaced mercantilism in the late 18th century. Capitalism’s main principles challenged government economic control and advocated free trade, competition, and choice as routes to economic prosperity. The factors that allowed small numbers of Europeans to dominate vast areas throughout the world were naval power and a large central government. Naval power, guns, and cannons gave a large military advantage to the Europeans over the Indigenous peoples who were fighting with sticks. The large central government helped the Europeans conquer vast areas because they were able to send many ships and soldiers, which defeated the less…show more content…
Since the land that the Aztecs inhabited was resource rich and full of gold, the Spanish wanted it to themselves. They overtook the land by killing the native people through a series of battles. The Aztecs that survived were eventually enslaved and forced to mine the gold or work on plantations. Gold was extremely valuable and to the Spanish meant power, money and status, which was why they acted in such extreme measures. Some factors that led to the mistreatment of the Indigenous peoples were the facts that they inhabited the land that the Europeans wanted and that they were inferior to the Europeans. Europeans wanted the Indigenous peoples’ land because it was either resource filled, good for agriculture, or habitable enough for colonies. As a result of all these factors, the Indigenous peoples were forced off their land, generally through violent means. Indigenous peoples living in inhumane conditions and acting savagely led to them being mistreated as well. Europeans believed themselves to be superior ans as a result they treated them as such. Indigenous peoples were tortured, enslaved, forced off their land, and so much more. Spanish priest and historian, Bartolomé de Las Casas, was considered to be the first European who tried to improve the living conditions of the Indigenous peoples. Las Casas actually took part in the conquest of Cuba, however when he saw the way Indigenous peoples were treated, he was disgusted.
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